Mineral Wells Landscaping & Building Inc. offers comprehensive commercial, industrial and residential JANITORIAL SERVICES. Our Janitorial Department is committed to deliver with professional care an uncompromising attention to detail you can count on. We can provide day to day janitorial services for any size of business from property management buildings, industrial buildings and offices. We at Mineral Wells Landscaping & Building Inc. offer the following services to you at any time!

  1. Property management:
Cleaning offices, pool facilities, laundry facilities, common ground cleaning trash removal, power washing, carpet cleaning (vacuuming), hallway cleaning, fitness room cleaning, bathroom facility cleaning, cleaning parking areas and carport areas.

2. Commercial buildings:
Cleaning offices, bathroom facilities, hallway cleaning, vacuum carpet where needed, kitchen/lunch rooms cleaning, window cleaning, common ground cleaning.


eMail Address:

P.O. Box 6713
Fullerton, CA. 92834